Science Literacy Week 2018

Join us for 3 days of Earth Science Outreach events at the Pacific Museum of Earth located in the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science at UBC.

All events are FREE | All ages welcome!
All events are space limited | Please RSVP using the links below

For all events please meet us in the Main PME Gallery at 6339 Stores Rd: Click here for directions.

Monday (Sept. 17) 4 – 5 pm: Mission in Fossil: A peek inside Vancouver’s most ancient lab

Join us for an introduction to fossils in the PME’s main gallery before heading over to the Fossil Lab for a behind-the-scenes tour lead by one of our uniquely skilled palaeontologists.
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Tuesday (Sept. 18) 4 – 5 pm: Snowball Earth and the 7 Globes

Come see the evolution of Earth as you can only at the PME. We’ll start with a dynamic presentation using the OmniGlobe (the only one of its kind in Canada), followed by a stroll through time with the “Evolution of Earth” exhibition.
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Wednesday (Sept. 19) 4 – 5 pmGallery Tour With a Side Slab of Granite

We’ll start with a brief rundown of some of the treasures housed within the PME’s main exhibition space followed by a journey through one of the PME’s most beautiful exhibits: The Outdoor Rock Wall! Have you ever wondered what stories these stunning slabs of stone can tell? Come discover with us!
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