Educational Program Rates

Large group (10-25 people):

Small group (1-9 people):

Extra-Large groups* (>25):

  • 2 or more programs: $70/program

*Extra-Large group options: Are you coming to the PME with more than 25 students in your group? Here’s what we suggest you do:

  1. Split your group into two smaller groups.
  2. Book two back-to-back programs.

While the first group participates in a workshop, the second group can either:

  1. Participate in a guided tour ($70)
  2. Participate in an OmniGlobe experience ($40)
  3. Do a self-led scavenger hunt (FREE)
  4. Explore the museum displays (FREE)
  5. Take a break to each lunch outside (FREE)


All program costs include taxes. Workshops consist of a one hour hands-on workshop taught by one of the PME’s Education Leaders. Guided tours of the PME last for one hour. The maximum group size for all workshops and tours is 25 students, not including teachers or supervising adults. The PME requests that school groups have at least one adult for every ten students and that teachers and supervising adults remain with their group during workshops and tours. Please arrive at the PME fifteen minutes before the start of your scheduled program. Groups who arrive more than twenty minutes late may not be accommodated. The PME accepts cash or cheques, made out to The University of British Columbia. Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment by credit card at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Click here to book a tour or workshop at the PME.