Science Odyssey 2017 | 15 – 19 May

Join us for 5 days of Earth Science activities. Examine rocks under a microscope, bring your rock collection in for identification, tour the stone slabs around the Earth Sciences building, learn about the guts of Earth’s rock cycle, and explore new developments Earth Science research.

The PME is hosting five afternoon sessions (1-3 pm daily) to engage the community in Earth Science demos, workshops, and public talks. The daily events are as follows:

May 15 | Microscope Monday | 1-3 pm

Come by the PME and have a look at rocks, minerals, and fossils like you’ve never seen them before! We’ll use petrographic microscope to look at dazzling thin sections of select specimens. Bring in your own collection and we’ll have a closer look using our dissecting microscope! We will have fun take-home gifts for the first 20 visitors!


May 16 | Ask an Expert Table Tuesday | 1-3 pm

Bring in your rock collections for identification and discussion with our rock and fossil experts! Do you have rocks lying around that you’d just love to hear about how they formed? Well, this is the day! We’ll have geologists ready to tell you everything you want to know about your collection.


May 17 | Rock Wall Walking Tour Wednesday | 1-3 pm

Join us on walking tour of the stone slabs facing the exterior of the Earth Sciences Building and some of the stone materials used inside the building. These rocks include plutonic igneous rocks that cooled at depth in Earth’s crust, lava erupted on the bottom of an ancient ocean, sedimentary rocks and fossils and metamorphic rocks that were ‘cooked and squeezed’ deep in the crust.


May 18 | It’s Rock Recognition Time Thursday | 1-3 pm

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll go through the basics of rock identification, rock formation, and the rock cycle, exploring the guts of Earth’s interior. You’ll learn how to use observations of museum quality hand samples to accurately identify rocks.


May 19 | Fun Fact Friday | 1-3 pm

Join us for an afternoon of short, informal and engaging public talks by Earth Science faculty, researchers, and graduate students. Refreshments will be provided.  We will follow a “Café Scientifique” mindset, such that visual aids will be encouraged and slides containing text (other than labels on graphics) will not be permitted. Speakers will talk about recent developments in their own research or field.