Ya’ll have a Frequent Field Trip Club? |

Do you enjoy learning with the Pacific Museum of Earth as much as we enjoy teaching your students? If so, our Frequent Field-Tripper (FFT) Membership might be the right fit for your school!

The FFT Membership is an institutional membership/subscription service that will give your school 50% off all PME guided programs (exclusions apply)* for 1 year from date of purchase.

*FFT does not include the Earth Experience program or the OmniGlobe experience.

Frequent Field-Tripper FAQs |

You can register for the program here.

$75 per school per year!

After a teacher from your school books the 3rd virtual program or the 2nd in person program at the museum. Check our conversion tables below:

Virtual Program
No. of Bookings Cost (including membership) Cost (without membership)
1 $105 ($30+$75) $60
2 $135 $120
3 $165 $180
4 $195 $240
5 $225 $300
6 $255 $360
In-Museum Programming
No. of Bookings Cost (including membership) Cost (without membership)
1 $130 ($55+$75) $110
2 $185 $220
3 $240 $330
4 $295 $440

Since the FFT membership covers your entire school, the teacher will just need to enter your membership number onto the booking form when they book their program.

Unfortunately, no. At this time, memberships are exclusive to the school of the teacher who purchased the membership.

Thanks, we think so too!