Pacific Museum of Earth is participating and contributing to Canada’s National Science Odyssey week. Come and visit us to experience and learn about the wonders of our dynamic planet.
  • May 11, Saturday: Science Rendezvous
    10am-2pm: Join young scientists from across Canada as the Pacific Museum of Earth, as well as other scientific units on campus present an exciting array of scientific activities! We’ll be discussing tectonics, their history, and impacts on human lives.
  • May 14, Tuesday: Rock Recognition
    4-5pm: How do geologists tell one rock from another? How do they classify rocks? In this workshop, you’ll learn the answers to these questions by sorting a pile of rocks into their proper categories using techniques similar to those used by real geologists!
  • May 15, Wednesday: Museum Tour
    4-5pm: Learn about the highlights of Pacific Museum of Earth’s gallery, and the stories behind the specimens.
  • May 16, Thursday: Fossil Finders
    4-5pm: What do palaeontologists do? What existed before dinosaurs? What is a fossil? Learn these answers, and touch multi-million year old specimens, and learn what it is to study the ancient past.
  • May 18, Saturday: International Museum Day
    10am-5pm: We’ll be at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum showing off some of our surprising minerals. Learn how different minerals behave in different ways, and almost have their own personalities!