Mary Anning Day special events

Our visitor’s table …

The Pacific Museum of Earth is often at summer open-air events around Vancouver – except when events are on hold while we wait for the global pandemic to end. Normally you would see a PME visitor’s table where anyone can meet and talk to a museum guide or expert paleontologist. So – here’s a virtual version!

Find these specimens on the table and listen to a museum guide talk about them.

Click images for larger versions!

We at UBC’s Pacific Museum of Earth hope you will visit to encounter many wonderful, fascinating and beautiful examples of Earth’s materials, fossils, minerals and phenomena such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, gems & minerals, the OmniGlobe and much more.

There is nothing to replace seeing things and talking to experts in person so as soon as we are permitted to open again for school and public visitors come to see us. It’s free for individuals and families to explore our gallery, and costs for school groups are very reasonable!


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