Admission to the museum is by donation. Donations can be placed in the donation box, located near the front entry of the Earth and Ocean Science Main Building

Guided Program Rates

Prices include applicable taxes

Guided Gallery Tour

$100/group (Price covers up to 25 students + 3 adults)

Guided Museum Workshop

$100/group (Price covers up to 25 students + 3 adults)

Self-Led Group Visit


See Group Booking Information for more details on group programs including booking instructions, availability, cancellation policy and more.

Our fees cover program delivery and staffing costs.  For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, each organizer is responsible for the appropriate behaviour of their group. Please ensure that supervisors remain with the group at all times.

Respectful Environment

The Pacific Museum of Earth follows the University of British Columbia’s Respectful Environment policy, which envisions a climate in which students, faculty, and staff are provided with the best possible conditions for learning, researching, and working, including an environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity, and mutual respect. The University of British Columbia strives to realize this vision by establishing employment and educational practices that respect the dignity of individuals and make it possible for everyone to live, work, and study in a positive and supportive environment, free from harmful behaviours such as bullying and harassment.