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New Exhibit: Hominin Hallway

The Pacific Museum of Earth (PME) is hosting a family reunion millions of years in the making in their new exhibit: the Hominin Hall. The PME’s Hominin Hall explores the story of human evolution, starting our narrative 7 million years ago in Chad with Sahelanthropus tchadensis and concluding with our own species –Homo sapiens– and our uncertain future on our fragile planet. […]

Science Suppers – Family Day Weekend

Join us Family Day Long Weekend as we bring our science right to your dinner table with our popular “Science Supper Series!” These virtual sessions are both educational and entertaining (and they’re FREE!) They are great for all ages, so sit down with the whole family and explore the wonders of our planet from the […]

Happy Pride Month!

We’re proud of every one of our faculty, staff & students here in the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences. For Pride Month, we’ve been interviewing members who identify as part of the LGBTQ2SIA+ Community. Hopefully their stories will help young queer people feel comfortable exploring a future in science. Professor Kendra Chritz – […]

Earth Day 2021 – Podcast Season 2 Launch!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we’re excited to launch the trailer for On Earth, a podcast where we chat with researchers, students and teachers from across science about what they’re doing on earth, and beyond. Last year, we started Quarantine Conversations — a series of interviews with some of the most […]

International Day of Women & Girls in Science

We sat down (virtually) with some of UBC’s top Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Scientists to hear their advice for young women going into science.   Take it from these 22 women – “You can be a scientist no matter what path you take to get there.” And don’t forget to “have fun, be confident, and […]

Virtual Holiday Tours of the Museum!

Happy Holidays Friends! 2020 has been quite the year for everyone…and it’s not over yet! We understand that a lot of your holiday traditions may have been disrupted this year and so we’d like to help out! You’re invited to take part in our inaugural Virtual Holiday Tours! We’ll be hosting daily free Virtual Tours […]

Scientists of Colour in Earth & Planetary Sciences

The field of Earth science is extremely diverse in terms of research scope– but what about the diversity of the scientists who conduct this research? While Earth Science as a discipline has notoriously struggled to achieve broad racial diversity at the senior faculty level, we sat down with four inspiring young scientists who are helping […]

Vesuvius Day | August 24, 2020

On August 24, 79 CE, Mount Vesuvius, a stratovolcano in Italy, began erupting in one of the deadliest volcanic events ever recorded in Europe. For nearly two days, a violent cloud of hot gas and ash spewed out of the volcano’s main vent, blanketing the surrounding cities of Pompeii & Herculaneum in leathly hot volcanic […]

Quarantine Conversations – Honey Day

Happy Honey Day! UBC researchers in the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences are using honey from urban hives to track airborne pollution. They are analysing the chemistry of the honey using geochemical tools (i.e. looking for traces of lead by analyzing the honey in the lab) to map pollution in urban centres and […]

Quarantine Conversations – Pride Edition

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate the diversity in the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, this month’s edition of Quarantine Conversations focuses on our LGBTQ members. We are excited to acknowledge and hear from voices in this traditionally underrepresented group. This week we chatted with four queer members of EOAS to learn more about […]