Much about Minerals

From dazzling and rare minerals and gems in our Globe and Gem Gallery to the 7-ft amethyst geode, PME exhibits highlight the truly spectacular natural beauty on Earth.

In these displays …

  1. Discover the mineralogical guts of your smartphone;
  2. Explore interactions between minerals and light;
  3. Learn how to characterize and identify minerals;
  4. See our ‘mineral rainbow’ showcasing exceptional colours found in the world of minerals.

Below the Google Streetview of these exhibits, see four EasyZoom interactive images for details.

1) Minerals in a cell phone! (Full screen via the “expand” icon, top right).

2) Light and minerals: Illuminating the unseen showcases how geoscientists use light to understand a mineral’s chemical history.

3) Name that mineral! An identification toolkit will take you through the physical properties that distinguish minerals from one another.

4) The Mineral Rainbow: a full spectrum of colours found in nature. (Full screen via the “expand” icon, top right).