Create a real tornado with the PME’s tornado machine.

Possibly our most popular display, the tornado machine uses a fan, directed air streams, and water vapour to form a visible funnel cloud at the push of a button. Visitors are welcome to put their hands into the tornado machine to feel the air currents and disrupt the funnel cloud to see it reform.




Have you ever wanted to be a meteorologist and report the weather forecast on the evening news? 

Created with the generous help of UBC’s weather forecast research group and utilizing their atmospheric modelling and predictions, this display shows a continually updated 60 hour forecast of local weather. Six different types of forecast are shown in sequence, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation. Come by and stand in front of the green screen and report the current weather. 


UBC’s atmospheric sciences research group hosts a weather briefing every Friday at noon in the PME.  

Stop by the museum and listen to real atmospheric scientists report the local weather.