Minerals really are magnificent! |

Did you know that so many items that we use on a daily basis is connected to minerals? Mineral resources are naturally-occuring Earth materials that we extract from the rocks that make up Earth’s crust. Minerals play an important role in our everyday lives, from the nutrients in our foods to the metals in our smartphones. In a sense, minerals make it possible for us to stay healthy and connected to each other. On this page, you’ll find a sample of the dazzling mineral on display at the Pacific Museum of Earth. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to explore a series of simple and fun mineral activities for home or classroom learning. 


Mineral FAQs |

We have so many magnificent minerals at the Pacific Museum of Earth, we could never display them all! Our current exhibits that features Earth's treasures in a wide array of colors and shapes. Check out our zoomable images from some of our mineral exhibits:

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Minerals from here & there |

Dazzling minerals |

DSC_0095-2More about minerals |

We do! Our mineral collection has over 10,00 specimens and spans nearly 100 years of combined curatorial efforts. We are currently digitizing the collection and you can browse these beautiful images on our Flickr page or click through using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on the image below.

Fun mineral activities |

We’ve created a series of learning activities for you to explore more about minerals in your classroom or home. Click, download (& print) the worksheets below.