Hominids Hall

Hominids Hall

Hominids Hall

This hallway is publicly accessible on the ground floor, East side of Earth Sciences Building.

Compare the shapes and sizes of hominid skulls from 3.25 Million Years Ago through 47,000 years ago.
These are all plastic replicas of real fossils, made by https://boneclones.com/.

Our understanding of human evolution is constantly evolving, and while there is no singular “missing link,” we are making progress in learning how our species became what it is today.

What is clear, is that our evolution was not a linear march toward this modern species. Instead, we’ve seen countless branches in our evolutionary tree wither & die; leaving us as all that remains of a once-diverse global tribe. Our knowledge of this history is progressing so quickly that we will likely have to make amendments to this exhibit every few months in order to remain up-to-date. We are currently in an era of explosive human-evolutionary research. Maybe you will make the next big discovery in the field of hominid evolution…

When not on display, these teaching-replicas are used by UBC undergraduate students in learning about our species’ past.

Thanks for the support of this exhibit goes to

  • UBC Faculty of Science
  • The Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
  • The Musqueam First Nation (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm)
  • Dr. Stuart Sutherland
  • Dr. Rhy MacMillan