Planetary Picks: A Closer Look at Mars

60 minute Program | Grades 7 – 12, Post-Secondary, Adults

Mysteries of Mars takes students on a tour through some of the most exciting features on Mars. This workshop includes a series of hands-on activities through which students will explore crater formation and the concept of relative dating. Students will also investigate similarities and differences between Earth and Mars – including surface features and gravity on both planets. This hands-on workshop lasts approximately one hour.

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Science 7: Earth and its climate have changed over geological time

Science 10: The formation of the universe can be explained by the big bang theory
• Astronomical data and collection methods

Earth Science 11: Astronomy seeks to explain the origin and interactions of Earth and its solar system
• Application of space technologies to study changes to Earth and its systems

Earth Science 12: Geological maps and models are tools used to represent surface features and subsurface structures; Weathering and erosion processes shape landscapes through the interaction of the geosphere and hydrosphere
• Dating methods of rocks and events
• Weathering and erosional processes modify the Earth’s surface
and produce characteristic features
• Running water (streams and rivers) produces characteristic erosional and depositional features and landforms

In addition to a guided program, you are welcome to combine your visit with any of our self-led (FREE) activities. Please visit our Educator Resources for ideas!