Science Suppers – Family Day Weekend

Join us Family Day Long Weekend as we bring our science right to your dinner table with our popular “Science Supper Series!” These virtual sessions are both educational and entertaining (and they’re FREE!) They are great for all ages, so sit down with the whole family and explore the wonders of our planet from the comfort of your home. 

Here is the schedule: 

DateTimeVirtual ProgramWhat will we learn?
Fri-Feb.185:30-6:30pmRock RecognitionHow geologists identify rocks! We’ll show you some of our favourite rocks.
Sat-Feb.195:30-6:30pmFossil FindsWhy fossils are cool and who gets to study them for a living!
Sun-Feb.205:30-6:30pmEarth’s StoryOur planet is 4.5 billion years old. What’s it been doing this whole time?!
Mon-Feb.215:30-6:30pmVolcano VoyageNot all volcanoes are the same. Lean about these tectonic drama queens.

Use this Zoom link to join!

See you at Suppertime! 

Made possible thanks to the support of the B.C. government.