Meet George, the Lambeosaurus.

George is a fossilized duck-billed, hooded dinosaur that lived about 75 million years ago in what is present-day Alberta. He was found in 1913 in Upper Cretaceous sediments of the Red Deer Valley by Charles H. Sternberg and Sons near Steveville, Alberta, adjacent to what is now Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The exhibit installation at UBC took place in 1950 following authorization of permanent loan of the specimen by Dr. F.J. Alcock, Curator of the National Museum of Canada. The specimen was prepared in Ottawa and mounted at UBC by Charles M. Sternberg (Charles H.’s son) with the sponsorship of Dr. H.R. MacMillan.

Here is a 1:43 minute video about our Lambeosaurus’s characteristics, habits and history.

Interior Google streetview of the PME gallery, at the Lambeosaurus